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What's your pillowcase saying about your face?

Have a healthier nights' rest, starting with clean pillow sheets.

How many times have you skipped your night regimen, forgot to remove your makeup, failed to thoroughly wash your face and jumped right into bed? How many nights has your pillow case moonlighted with you face until it received a good wash? Welp, just like your face, your pillowcase washing regimen should not be skipping sessions either.

Cleanse your pillowcase regularly Your pillowcase is just like your underwear ; it takes a pretty good beating. Just think about it; your face comes into contact with that pillowcase every single night. And throughout the night, you sweat, you drool, and even shed dead skin. All of those ingredients are nicely tucked away into your pillowcase until the next snooze session. Sounds lovely huh? Don't forget to clean your face nightly, and your pillowcases often.

Remember to treat your pillowcase with the same care as your underwear, and change it every now and again.

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